The First Column

Fourteen-and-a-half months

That’s how long it has been since I updated  In that time, I’ve written dozens of Frugal Traveler columns, produced about 120 Amigo Gringo videos (and promoted them by stripping to my yoga shorts on Brazilian national television) and started writing a book that will be published (I hope) by W.W. Norton & Co. As of February […]

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Tuesday is Amigo Gringo day!

Oct. 14 is the debut of Amigo Gringo, my YouTube series for Brazilian visitors to New York. It will be in Portuguese, subtitled in English. Subscribe to the channel at!

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A break from the Frugal Traveler

I’ll be taking a few months off from the Frugal Traveler column to work on a book on travel and a video series for Brazilian tourists to New York, Amigo Gringo, debuting soon. (That’s me with cameraman/director/editor Eric Hinojosa and guest star Vanessa Jardim.)

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