Amigo Gringo one week in: lots of press, lots of subscribers

Last Tuesday was the big launch of our Amigo Gringo video series for Brazilian tourists (and, via subtitles, others) visiting New York City. Our first video, on how to be a savvy subway rider, is almost up to 50,000 views. Then came our “Thumbs Up” video, trying to convince Brazilian visitors to act a bit less like the Fonz. Finally, today, how to order a bagel in New York City. (English language subtitles are available by clicking the little CC button in the lower right of the video.)

In the meantime, we’ve also had articles written about us in the three major Brazilian newspapers: Folha de S. Paulo, Estado de São Paulo, and O Globo (in Rio), as well as the country’s biggest news portal, G1.


Yesterday the AP put out a story about us (in English!) that should be appearing in newspapers next Sunday. Finally, I appeared on national television yesterday in Brazil, on the show “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes,” which one of my friends there compared to being on Letterman. (I would have preferred Jimmy Fallon, but OK.)

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