Rediscovering Travel is Here!

My book on how to be a better and more ethical traveler, Rediscovering Travel: A Guide for the Globally Curious, was published on Nov. 13 by Norton. Buy it in your local neighborhood bookstore or online from:

Come to book events in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Miami and San Francisco


Rediscovering Travel is about how the travel industry is ruining our vacations. It’s about how to use the power of smartphones to improve our trips, not control them. It’s about becoming a better and more ethical traveler. It’s about how to rediscover the beauty of old-fashioned globetrotting and enhance it with modern technology.

“In this insightful and fun book, Kugel…takes on the increasingly commercial and technological aspects of 21st-century travel. His advice will stimulate travelers’ curiosity while rescuing a sense of adventure that has been eclipsed by technology and corporate tourism…Kugel’s advice for discovery-filled travel is thought-provoking and surprisingly simple.” —Publishers Weekly

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