‘36 Hours’ Articles


36 Hours in Queens, N.Y.

If you want an alternative New York experience, something with grit and spice, consider Queens, where a splintered world collides in a jumble of diversity.


36 Hours in Oxford, England

In this town, it starts with learning. Centuries of it. But if that’s too tweedy for you, don’t worry. You can also find Harry Potter, Michelin-starred dining, live music and more.


36 Hours in Downtown Manhattan

The financial district is bustling, Chinatown is as enticing as ever, and TriBeCa is bursting with new restaurants and bars — visitors hardly need venture north of Canal Street for a complete New York weekend.


36 Hours in São Paulo, Brazil (2010)

In this sprawling metropolis that anchors Brazil’s booming economy, the flaws — which include high prices and persistent drizzle — are no match for its teeming energy, which infuses everything from art to business to the city’s relentless…  

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