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Amigo Gringo on Brazil’s “Tonight Show”

The “Programa do Jô” is Brazil’s Tonight Show, hosted by Jô Soares under one name or another since 1988. I had the honor of appearing in this, his final season, to talk about Brazilian food, Brazilian people, and Amigo Gringo.

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Amigo Gringo on The Noite

That means “The Night” in half-Portuguese. After appearing on morning shows like “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes” it’s my first appearance on a late night Brazilian talk show. And the debut of our customized Amigo Gringo Speedo.

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50 Episodes of Amigo Gringo

We’re 50 episodes into Amigo Gringo, and thought it was time to show some bloopers! Depois de 50 episódios do canal Amigo Gringo, já era hora de mostrar erros de gravação!