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New York Times Travel: Counter Service Tipping: Who Gives?

Sure, you know to tip at a sit-down restaurant, but what do you do when the barista flips around that iPad screen and you need to decide how much to tip on a latte she hasn’t even made for you yet? Counter-service tipping via tablet is now mainstream, but do you really need to give? I found data on how many people really tip. [Click headline to read article.]

Life & Money: Six Great Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ll do pretty much anything to promote my new book on travel. Like, for example, link to it in this very sentence. But I draw the line when a TV or podcast interviewer asks me on to discuss, say, “the hottest new destinations for 2019.” Even considering such a list is travel writer malpractice. Why would you recommend a place bound to be overpriced and packed with tourists? Instead, I’d rather be invited to recommend places that are not hot this year, or next year…and may never be. [Click headline to read full piece.]